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BurrellesLuce maintains localized press clipping services in 9 regions:

  • Arizona Clipping Service®
  • Capital Clipping Service® (Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.)  
  • Carolina Clipping Service® (North and South Carolina)
  • Minnesota Clipping Service®
  • Mutual Clipping Service® (Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Southern New Jersey)
  • New England Newsclip®
  • New Jersey Clipping Service®
  • New York State Clipping Service®
  • Virginia Clipping Service®


BidSource® provides customized legal bid notification from over 3,500 daily and non-daily newspapers in 22 states. Over 100 municipal, regional and state Internet sites are monitored daily. We maintain direct contact with municipalities, school boards and other government entities as well as subscribing to numerous procurement publications.


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